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Established in 2007, Insuma specializes in technical consultancy and application delivery. Our focus lies in cultivating a deep understanding of technology, its implementation, and, crucially, its application to solve real-world challenges for our clients. We excel in developing and advising on large-scale systems that integrate seamlessly with complex environments and business processes.

With a growing team of consultants and software developers, we are headquartered in South Germany, near the Swiss and French borders, and regularly undertake projects nationwide and internationally. Operating as a flat organization, we believe in entrusting and empowering our team members to operate autonomously, leveraging their expertise to the fullest. We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, encouraging individuals to shape their own career paths. Embracing diversity strengthens our firm, and we actively seek individuals with diverse backgrounds, ideas, styles, and skill sets, each contributing in unique ways to our dynamic and creative environment.

Insuma has formed strategic partnerships with Avalanche, collaborating closely on multiple projects over several years. Our complementary skills enable us to offer comprehensive services to our clients.

Through our strategic alliance, Insuma and Avalanche provide clients with a holistic end-to-end MedTech-related IT design and delivery service. As a leading provider of technical services to government and private sector clients, Insuma leverages the expertise of industry-leading solution architects and application developers to deliver practical solutions in complex environments. Our success lies in our ability to effectively communicate with both business users and IT teams, designing pragmatic and cost-effective enterprise solutions.

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